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المستودع الرقمي لجامعة الفرات الاوسط التقنية

مستودع الأرشيف الرقمي لجامعة الفرات الأوسط التقنية هو مستودع مصمم لتخزين وفهرسة ومشاركة إنتاج البحث الجامعي في مكان واحد. يوفر المستودع للباحثين والطلاب وأمناء المكتبات الوصول إلى المجلات التي تم نشرها بواسطة الجامعة

والمنشورات التي أعدها فريق عمل الجامعة (مقالات الدوريات، ورقات المؤتمرات، فصول الكتب)، والأطروحات والرسائل الجامعية، وبراءات الاختراع

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Effect of Inovo injection of different concentrations of L-Carnitine on some hatching , hematological traits and maternal immunity of posthatched chicks.

  • محمد مصطفى عبد العزيز
  • Majeed .A . Fahad


The research was conducted to investigate the effect of inovo injection with different concentrations of carnitine on some hatching , hematological traits and maternal immunity posthatching. Atotal of 500 fertile eggs were used in the experiment , those egg were randomly distributed into 5 treatments , T1:negative control , T2: injected with 0.5 ml/egg with normal saline (posative control) ,T3:injected with carnitine 1%, T4:injected with carnitine 2% and T5:injected with carnitine 3% . Results revealed a significant effect (p< 0.05) of L-carnitine injection on hatchability ,reduction of embryonic mortalities ,significant improvement of heterophil/lymphocyte ratio , significant reduction of plasma glucose of post hatched chicks and highly significant elevation of antibody titer against infections bursal disease of chickens.

The friction effects in the stick-slip phenomena of the human skin

  • قصي أحمد صبحي
  • A. Calin
  • A. Tudor
  • M. Stoica


In tribosystems that include contact with a flexible body, friction-induced vibration may be present. Dimensionlessanalysis coupled with numerical manipulation was employed to model the discontinuity between thestatic and kinetic behaviour of the friction. The present paper discusses the nature of stick-slip between a humanfingertip and standard printing paper, intending to describe the theoretical stability conditions of movement. Theamplitude of the stick-slip phenomenon is analised as a function of the human skin’s rheological and tribologicalproperties, the system’s rigidity, and the sliding contact velocity.

دور وسائل الاعلام في التنمية الاجتماعية في العراق قبل 9/4/2003 دراسة ميدانية في محافظة النجف

  • حارث صاحب محسن عبد الحسين
  • لايوجد

The epidemiology of hydatid cysts liver diagnosis in Najaf governorate

  • نور هادي حسن
  • Mona Adel Ismail; Sarmad Jassem Mohammed


In Iraq and many Mediterranean countries, hydatid disease is endemic from a long time . The disease causes health, economic, and social disasters. Iraq has become one of the most endemic areas for this disease, particularly in the central as well as southern regions. Particularly in the areas between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. Many farmers and sheep breeders live in these areas. The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between hydatid disease and various variables such as the differences in infection rates between males and females, age, and geographical distribution of patients. This study included patients with hydatid disease who were admitted to the "Al-Sadr" General Hospital between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 and there were 58 patients in total. According to the findings, the most affected areas of this disease are rural areas, and the peasantry is the most affected group of females. The reason for this is due to the nature of their work with crops and animals. The findings also revealed that females are infected at a higher rate than males.

Microbial factors causing recurrent miscarriage a survey study for women in the Al Najaf governorate, Iraq

  • ا.م. ميسون خضير عبدالعباس
  • Rajaa Jawad Mohamed AL-Saeedi
  • Zainab Salah Abdulgabar
  • Ketam khudair.


Background:- One of the important steps in a woman’s life is pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy. One of the most important problems facing a woman is abortion, which has a serious psychological impact on her. One of the causes of abortion is the germs etiology that was studying in the current study to know the extent of its spread. Method:- The study included 192 women coming to the infertility unit in Al-Sadr Medical City in the Najaf governorate, who are suffering from abortion because of germ etiology for a period of 6 months, from January to June 2019. Draw 5 ml of blood to determine the presence of IgG, IgM antibodies to confirm the presence of the injury. Result:- The current study showed that the rate of miscarriage resulting from germ etiology varies according to the type of germ, where the incidence of CMV was the highest, followed by rubella virus and toxoplasmosis (17.6, 15.1, 2.6)%, respectively, and the percentages of women who have a previous infection.(45.8,16.7,19.8 )%, respectively. Statically analysis:-Data analyzed by using SPSS version 18 software, the categorical changeable was given as percentage and frequencies. Conclusion:- The germ causes that cause abortion in Najaf are spread in varying degrees, but through the results, these infection rates decreased, which is evidence of the spread of health and cultural awareness among Najaf women. Therefore, it was suggested, as the study of the future, to conduct a survey study one year from now to see the extent of the change.

Estimate of immunoglobulin G, M, and some liver enzymes levels in Covid-19 patients and relation with blood group in Najaf governorate, Iraq

  • ا.م. ميسون خضير عبدالعباس
  • Kais khudair AL-Hadraawi ²
  • Noor Ismeal Nasser ¹
  • Ahmed Abdul Hasan Mohsin


The COVID19 disease is a transmittable viral infection that causes acute respiratory system infection, to this day there is no proven treatment for this virus and its complication in the body are still unclear. so the current study aimed to determine the levels of immunoglobulin (M, G) against infection with covid 19, the measure of liver enzymes( AST, ALT), and the relation of infection with blood group. This study included 60 patients infected by COVID-19 and 30 uninfected people, who came to the AL-Najaf Hospitals from January to March month 2020. Draw 5 ml of blood for the measure of G, M, and AST, ALT levels, and determine the blood group. The results showed that infection with the Covid-19 virus had a significant effect (p <0.001) on the level of both G and M antibodies compared to the control group (10.18, 16.94) mg/dl, (0.320,0.312) mg/dl, respectively. also, the study showed the significant effect of infection on liver enzymes which caused increased AST and ALT levels ( 44.25,52.30)U/L compared with the control group ( 36.28, 42.46) U/L respectively .also explained the relation between blood group and covid 19 infection, as a blood group A recorded the highest rate of infection and blood type O lowest rate of infection (35, 13.33) % respectively. so it is possible to rely on measuring the level of G, M antibodies in diagnosing or recovering from covid 19 infection .also, know the effect of the infection on the liver and the relationship between infection and blood group

Applying Financial Information to Manage Corporate Risks from the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • مصطفى صالح داخل
  • В. А. Кокшаров
  • . А. Агарков


Abstract. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy at all levels, from global markets to micro-enterprises. At the same time, the pandemic and its consequences have left a wide digital footprint. Its study seems to be extremely relevant, since approaches to the analysis of the digital footprint of a pandemic and the use of its results for risk management can be successfully applied in the event of similar threats. The relevance of the problem is also recognized by economists who note the significant impact of the pandemic on the economy and economic theory in general. The aim of the study is to develop approaches to the rapid quantitative assessment of the impact of the pandemic on the university based on the data of accounting financial systems, their testing and generation of proposals for minimizing the risks of financial and economic activities. The scientific hypothesis of the study is that based on the analysis of data transmitted to the social insurance fund on the disability of employees, the effectiveness of risk management of financial and economic activities in a pandemic at the university level can be improved. Growth in efficiency is ensured by adjusting plans to minimize risks, taking into account the heterogeneity of the impact of the pandemic on employees depending on age, gender, and belonging to the category of personnel. For data integration and analysis, the authors used Data Science approaches. Using the data of Ural Federal University as an example, the information content of the analyzed data is shown and what management decisions to minimize risks can be made on their basis. An approach to the quantitative analysis of the impact of the pandemic on employees of a legal entity is proposed. The effectiveness of using distance learning to counter the pandemic, the vulnerability to the pandemic of certain categories of employees, the gender structure of disability are demonstrated. The theoretical significance of the work lies in the development of approaches to the use of financial information to improve risk management. The information obtained can be applied in practice, in particular, to clarify the calculation of reserves, improve technical specifications in the development of information systems.

تأثير التجديد االسرتاتيجي في تعزيز التسويق املستدام

  • ضرغام علي مسلم العميدي
  • مالك حسين خربوت

Augmentation of heat transfer in duct by staggered vortex generators

  • مهند عزيز كاظم
  • Ahmed H. Yousif
  • Maher R. Khudhair


Abstract. A numerical simulation is performed to study the effect of two types vortex generators (VGs) on heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop in duct. There are two types of V.G., one is concave V.G. and the other is rectangular. The aim of the study is observe effects of the shape and arrangement this V.Gs in channel to the increase of heat transfer with Reynolds number range from (300 to 1500). Both types of V.Gs were placed in 45o angle of attack, in an in line and staggered position. The results shows that the staggered position gives the high heat transfer coefficient enhancement and concave is better than rectangular V.Gs by 7-10%

Operation and control of a 1-Φ induction machine fed from a typical transformer-less photovoltaic (PV) cells

  • سهى صباح شياع


The work given in this paper illustrates how an adjustable speed 1-Φ induction machine's auxiliary winding is driven. Trina Solar's TSM- 250PA05.08 array type model, which is made up of 1 series and 8 parallel- connected photovoltaic (PV) modules, feeds a single induction machine. PV system with perturb and observe (P&O) technique for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) tracking. The induction motor has been controlled using the field-oriented control (FOC) controlling approach. The outcomes of the 1-induction motor simulation were closely related to the parameters of insolation change. The outcomes are taken into account for the system's reaction FOC, which had been demonstrated in electromagnetic torque Te, main and auxiliary winding currents, and motor rotor speed.

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